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Willow Bend Bakery

Willow Bend Bakery is a local wholesale bakery in Dallas, Texas that specializes in providing a wide variety of French pastries, European-styled cakes, pies, cookies and more. We make everything from scratch on-site to provide the freshest possible cakes and pastries to our customers. Our clients consist of an array of large hotels, hospitals, catering services, special events and conventions.


Chef Udomsak Marianukroh

Founder and owner of Willow Bend Bakery, Udomsak Marianukroh hails from Bangkok, Thailand. Wanting to learn new cultures and travel, he moved to the United States to attend San Jacinto College. Despite graduating with a degree in accounting, Udomsak decided to a take a different career path into the world of desserts and pastries.


Udomsak began studying the art of pastries and baking in 1983, first starting his apprenticeship at the Westin Hotel in Dallas, Texas.  For the next three years, his passion would drive him to perfect his skills, even so far as to travel to Switzerland to study for a short period of time. In 1986, Udomsak became the assistant pastry chef at the Hilton Anatol hotel. His dedication and knowledge of how to create some of the finest desserts would land him the role of pastry chef at the Westin hotel in Kansas City, Missouri in 1988. However, after a year of working in Kansas City his aspirations grew higher and led him to return to Texas and open up his own bakery.


Since opening in 1991, Willow Bend Bakery has been providing its services to many hotels, hospitals, special events and conventions in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Our menu consists of a wide variety of French pastries to delicious cakes and pies that are baked fresh on-site.

Hours: Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

10330 Olympic Drive, Dallas, Tx 75220

Phone: 214-353-0889 • Email: info@wbbakery.com

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